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Stop selling, start helping!

Stop selling, start helping!

‘A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer,

it sings because it has a song’- Maya Angelou

A lot of companies like to compete with other companies and top the list. Beat their benchmark. By doing so they try to survive and grow their business. But it is rather dull and boring. There is no fun in their play.

A lot of employees want to be best in class. Topping the rankings at work. Always do better than their co workers. Work longer hours, selling more products and beating targets. By doing so they want to survive at the work-floor and grow towards a better job or position. But those employees are often self-centered and not always fun to work with.

What can you do?

An old man and a young man met in a pub.

The old man asked: ‘What is new around and what did you learn today?’

The young man thought for a moment and replied:

‘I tell you what I’ve experienced if you share your words wisdom with me.’

They started listening to each other and sharing their stories.

When the pub closed they sat for hours at a bench under an old oak tree.

Stop selling, start helping. Be interested, be relevant and be authentic. The fun is in sharing. If you share you open up. People open up too. Doing business and engaging with people is showing who you are. Singing your own song. Not answering to someone else’s expectations and scoring high in someone else’s charts!

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